Are We About To See Nokia’s Gamble Pay Off?



Nokia going Windows Phone was big news in the smartphone world. For some it seemed like a great idea, for others, terrible. While a lot of people say that it is still to early to see if that decision made by Stephen Elop in February 2011 (at least that is when the world found out about it) was the right move, others will look at the fact that a year and a half on from the first Nokia Windows Phone being sold, Nokia only has a 3% share of the smartphone market, and conclude that it was the wrong choice.

Well, according to an interview Stephen Elop gave to we are about to see why Windows Phone was the right choice for Nokia. Elop made a reference to this being a “period of critical change” and that results for the current financial quarter are expected to be very good, both for profit, and volume of devices sold. Elop is quoted as saying (in Dutch, so apologies for any errors):

“We are currently in a period of critical change, for the first time the positive impact of the change (in strategy) will be felt… We have much more planned for 2013.”

Elop is believed to be referring to Nokia’s continuing innovation on camera technology, with the EOS, or “Elvis” expected as soon as July, believed to be bringing a 41MP sensor, and Array Cameras coming with Lumia phones later in the year, which contain 16 small lenses rather than one large one (see here for more on Array cameras).

According to some who have covered this story, it seems like positive news for Nokia, but of course successful quarters need to be achieved regularly for Windows Phone to be proved a good move by Stephen Elop. But I think that will be the case. Under Elop I believe Nokia are a lot more dynamic, bringing out devices much quicker than in years gone by. Another fact I would point to is that Nokia now have a flagship Lumia smartphone on 3 of the major US carriers, where as with Symbian 3, Nokia was completely shunned by the United States.

Source: Phone Arena