Dust Be Gone! Nokia Care has a Fix for your Lumia 920 Dust Camera Issue



Anyone have a guess what the picture is above?  You are not looking at the eye of some strange creature from the deep. It a close up of the front facing camera on a Nokia Lumia 920.  As you may or may not know Nokia produced a few batches of Lumia 920’s that had a small gap between the glass and the frame that let dust in, which collected in the front facing camera.  Now word is coming that if you have this issue Nokia has a fix for you.

According to WMPowerUser “a reliable source in Nokia care point service told us the fix is available.”  What is the fix you my ask?  There will be a sheath placed around the camera which will prevent dust from reaching the camera. In the story they also state that the “screen will be replaced for free” which is confusing it’s either the sheath or the new screen not both right?  I have contacted Nokia Care US looking for more details and I will report back to you when they report back to me.