Social Video Editor+ Vyclone is Now Available for Windows Phone



It looks like Windows Phone just took video sharing and editing to a whole new level with an app called Vyclone.  This is an app where you can take and edit video while using not only your footage but the footage of those around you.

The maker of the app explains it like this:

Now you can mix film taken on your phone with footage taken by other
 people filming the same events. Just shoot something with your friends;
 Vyclone does the rest. In a few moments it synchronizes and edits 
everyone’s clips to create one movie with all the angles cut together. 
You get the raw footage too. So if you like, you can remix it  to make your 
own director’s cut. And when you’re happy with your masterpiece, 
Vyclone makes it easy to share. It’s filming genius.

Want to try it out for yourself?  It’s free you can check it out here or simple scan the QR code below.