Testing for the GDR2 (double tap to wake) Windows Phone Update to Start This Month



What you see above is a conversion had between CraigR from the Telstra customer support and a customer. The long and short of it is that the Windows Phone 8 update GDR2 will start to be tested by Telstra this month. This update is what more commonly known as the “double tap to wake” update. This is also the update that is rumored have the FM receiver support in it.

This testing will be started “Mid-May” and it’s normally a two weeks till a month till this type of testing is complete so it should be early to mid June when Telstra customers see this update.  Since all roll outs are subject to carrier testing I’d be lying to you (and anyone else who tries to tell you) when this update will hit your specific device on your specific carrier.

I am hoping for sooner than later…I still try to double tap to wake my Lumia 920 even though it’s been a while since my N9 was my daily driver.