Nokia Lumia 521 Now Available at your Local Walmart and Online for $129


 photo NokiaLumia521_zpsfd6602ee.jpg
Just couple of weeks ago T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 521 became available for sale at HSN (Home Shopping Network). It was a definite good deal for a Windows Phone 8 phone with no contract for $150, No strings attached other than getting a T-Mobile service or maybe since the phone is paid off T-Mobile will do the courtesy to SIM unlocked the phone.

Now it even gets better, The Nokia Lumia 521 is now available at your local Walmart or Online for even a better price of $129. I can’t wait to snag one myself. For that price I usually get a Featured phone, but for a modern smartphone for starters. This is definitely a good deal.


Let us know if you managed to get one.. Let us know your experience..