Lumia 928 Billboard Found In the Wild



Lumia 928 Billboard was found and posted by the guys over at MyNokiaBlog , billboard states “Nokia Lumia 928 best lowlight smartphone camera.” also has a Verizon logo in lower right hand corner which is where the Lumia 928 is expected to launch very shortly. Can’t really say if its real or fake, I don’t see anything stating coming soon or available at a certain time, although there is small writing underneath the Verizon logo . I personally don’t thinks its legit, doesn’t look like the greatest area to advertise also, just my thoughts. Just yesterday we showed you real life pics of the Lumia 928 we saw at #BeIlluminated Nokia NYC event here. This all seems to fall in line with an expected mid May release. Nokia also has a Press event on May 14 in London I am sure to announce 1 if not all the rumored devices you can read about that Here.


Source: MyNokiaBlog