Getting Double Music Tracks on Lumia Devices? Here’s the Fix!


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I was having an issue with my Nokia Lumia 822 it  would double up on music tracks when I copied them to my phone.  No matter what I tried it kept happening.  I tried changing media players, I tried to store it on the SD Card, I tried storing it on internal memory still had the issue!   I Binged the issue, I Googled the issue, heck I even Asked Jeeves about it (yep that is still around) but found no answers. However I stumbled across a simple solution for this issue…

Copying only one or two albums at time to my device.  I know, I know it’s a pain but every-time I copied more than two albums on my device it doubled up the tracks on me.  I discovered this while testing media players it seemed like when tested a song or a album everything worked fine but than when I tried to transfer all the music I wanted it doubled up.  I found that I could get it copy correctly only doing two albums at time every-time.

I have NO IDEA why this happens.  When I was testing a Nokia Lumia 920 I had no issue at all, however my 820 and 822 both had this same issue.  Nokia Care is aware of this issue and promised me that they are looking in to the why of it.  However until they find out and a patch comes simply follow my advice and you will be fine.