Nokia has “Temporarily Paused” the Lumia 920’s Firmware Update to Fix the Connectivity Issue



This is what I love about Nokia when things are wrong with their devices they step up admit something is wrong and make it right.  (take notes Apple)  It seems that some Nokia Lumia 920 users were having connectivity issues after the last update.  So while they are working on figuring out  exactly what the issue is they have temporarily paused the new firmware roll.  The new roll out (and the fix for the broken roll out) will be available in the “near future”.

While it is frustrating for those of you experiencing the issue right now at least you know that Nokia is aware of it and a fix is coming soon.  Oh and btw for those of you who are new to Nokia when their customer service promises something is coming in the “near future” they really mean it. So no worries that you new update will take months to get it will not.