Is This the Nokia Lumia 950? Doubtful


Lumia 950 enahnced

While I have my doubts that this leak is real from Windows Phone Central I feel it is my duty to report this photograph of this  “prototype Nokia Lumia 950.”   The hard edges of this device seem to break from the design theme Nokia is pushing in all their Lumia devices.  Also the skip in the numbering from the 920 to the 950 strikes me as odd. Normally Nokia jumps in increments of 20 in naming their devices. (900, 920, 800, 820, etc..) with the carrier specific models number in between.

The explanation given for this odd jump in naming is that  it is  to harken back to Nokia’s N95 days. Which would also explain the the look of a Lumia 820 with harder edges.  However these facts point to that this device is fan concept phone and not a prototype.

Rumored specs:

  • Xenon Flash
  • Loss less zoom
  • 2gb of Ram
  • 1280×768 resolution

The other thing that this device is missing to be real is the “prototype” disclaimer that is always present on the left hand side bezel of all of Nokia’s prototype devices.   Sorry folks, this is a fake.