Nokia Lumia 920 Lumia 820 Getting Flip to Silence and Double Tap to Wake


flip-to-silence-nokia-lumiaAccording to the Verge Microsoft is working on an update to Windows Phone 8 which should be out this summer that includes FM Radio support for devices that have the hardware to support it inside of them.  While it was long rumored that the Nokia Lumia 900 had said chip inside it was never activated.  This will not be the issue for the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820. 

Also and more importantly they have learned that Nokia is working on their own update that brings the Symbian “flip to silence” feature with it. This mean exactly what it says if your phone is ringing or your alarm is going off and you want to kill it simply flip your phone over and it’s done.

There is a litttle bit of MeeGo coming to Windows Phone too!  Double tab to wake will be in this update.  This means no unlock button needed when you want to unlock your device do a quick double tap on the screen and your lock screen comes up. While this doesn’t sound like much as a former N9 owner I can tell you it’s like wireless charging once you get use to having it you can’t live without it.

Double tap to wake is just another reason I can not wait for this summer!  What upcoming feature are you most excited about?