Nokia Working on a Phone That Never Needs a Charge



Nokia is hard at work getting rid of one of the major issues facing cell phones today…dead batteries.  Yup if Nokia has their way you will have to plug your phones in less and less.  How you ask?  By developing devices that will use television stations, radio stations and cellphone towers signals to charge your device 24/7.  It not a that far fetched they already have a prototype that can  harvest 5 milliwatts at a time.  While that is hardly anything, very shortly they expect to be able to quadrupole that amount to 20 milliwatts which is about equal to what your phone uses in stand by mode.

Nokia’s long term goal with these devices is 50 milliwatts and at that point your phone would recharge itself and you would never ever have to plug your phone in ever again.  While this feature is years off my thought is Nokia should patent it now as this will be one ground breaking feature when they bring it to market.