Comfirmed Nokia Lumia 922 (aka Catwalk) Coming to Verizon?



It seems that Adduplex came across some interesting information the other day that Nokia RM-860 has an HD display.  Why is this big news?  Becuase the RM-860 is a Verizon device and is assumed to be the “catwalk device”.    Also going with fact that the Nokia RM-867 is the Nokia Lumia 920T it follows that it is a variant of the Nokia Lumia 920.  Since the Nokia Lumia 820 is the Nokia Lumia 822 it also follows that the Catwalk is the Nokia Lumia 922 on Verizon.  Got it?  (I know the logic is fuzzy but it’s there.)

It looks like India will get another Lumia device  Adduplex also found the RM-892.  This is should be a lower end device assumed to be aimed at the Indian market.