Anti-Valentine’s Day competition




BOOOO! Who likes Valentine’s Day anyway? It’s just another excuse for the card companies to plump up profits isn’t it? Well, maybe. But it certainly does interest lots of people, especially here in the States where almost every company uses Valentine’s Day in their marketing in some shape or form, no matter how tenuous the link to love is! “Need new business cards? Well head on over to XYZ Business Cards this Valentine’s and get an extra 10 cards free! Show your clients how much you love them!” UGH. Pass the bucket. You’re selling business cards not chocolate or perfume! Stay out of Valentine’s Day, Capt. Irrelevant!

no thanks

However, here at Nokia Innovation, we understand that for those who dislike Valentine’s Day for one reason or another, there never seems to be an incentive to not enjoy it. Where’s the reward for shunning the pink and red explosion?


It’s here! We are holding a contest, an Anti-Valentine’s Day contest, in association with our good friends at AT&T. Here are the gory details:

We need photos submitted, from guys and gals. The photos need to have been snapped on any one of the superb cameraphones from the last few years, but not necessarily on a Nokia phone.

And here’s the dirty detail: the photos need to show a representation of your perfect anti-Valentine’s Day. Yes, the very opposite of what Valentine’s Day is all about. So no lovey-dovey stuff, no cuddly pink teddy bears or heart-shaped balloons. Got the idea?

We’re restricting entries to just ONE photo per person. We will select a winning pic from the gentlemen entrants, and one winning photo from the ladies.


Yes, you could win one of two amazing prizes for showing us your perfect anti-Valentine’s Day photo. Up for grabs is a Plantronics BackBeat GO Bluetooth stereo headset, and a Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speaker!

Awesome Beat Go headphones
Awesome BackBeat Go headphones



Jambox Jawbone wireless speaker
Jambox Jawbone wireless speaker

So go ahead and start creating your photos! Remember it’s just one per person, so the one you send us has to be your best effort!

You must ‘Like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for your photo to be entered into the contest.

Tweet your photo to @NokiaInnovation using hashtag #antivalentine

Please let us know which device you took the photo with, and also your name and gender (sounds obvious but trust me!)

Winners will be announced here at Nokia Innovation on March 1st, so get those photos ready.


Competition open to US residents only.