Mugen to Make Extended Batteries For Nokia Lumia 820/920



One of the very few complaints I have about the My Nokia Lumia 820 is it’s smaller sized battery. Being that it’s only 1650 mAh I feel that it’s a little on the small side and should be 2000 mAh minimum. It seems that third party battery maker Mugen is about to solve that issue for me. They have told Windows Phone Italy that they will start to produce extended battery for both the Lumia 820 and 920.

Naturally the battery on the Nokia Lumia 920 will be an external battery jacket and not a battery itself given the sealed nature of the 920.  According to the source it should look similar to the jacket for the HTC ONE X below.


There is not confirmation if the Lumia 820’s battery will work the original shell or if it will take an extended battery door however one would think Mugen would keep it within the original shell.  I say this simply for the fact the Lumia 820 owners tend to invest money into different color/purpose shells and I don’t think Mugen would want to limit them.

The jacket for the Lumia 920 would cost around a $100 and the battery for the 820 is expected to run in the neighborhood of $30.