Windows Phone 8X by HTC vs. Nokia Lumia 810: The Battle


The Battle:





So I had a trial device from Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 810 which is exclusive to T-Mobile.

I’ve been playing with this device for the past week or more in my everyday use. Pictures, music, downloading, gaming, tweeting, you name it. Coming from a Lumia 900 I was expecting a Lumia similar or better in qualities, regardless of harsh reviews I’ve seen on the Lumia 810, and especially being a newbie with the Windows Phone 8 camp.

The low light feature for taking pictures for the 810 is not as explosive as the 920 but its surprisingly not bad. I honestly didn’t know the 810 had this feature but every chance I got I was taking pictures of areas with reduced lighting and I was impressed.

Many reviews focused intently on the boxy or bulky body of the Lumia 810, describing it to be heavy but when I first held it, I realized it wasn’t an accurate criticism. Boxy yes, heavy not so much. It gives a good feel in the hand with a similar but not exact feel as the 8X.

I was starting to get somewhat bored quickly with the 810 even as my Windows Phone 8X by HTC was on its way to be delivered.

Of coarse, the 810 comes stocked with Nokias exclusive applications such as Nokia Music, Nokia Maps and some new ones like Nokia Xpress their simplified and enhanced browser.

Now when I got my 8X I was used very much to the 810 and I went straight to comparing them in features like picture quality, audio, speed, resolutions and the feel/use of the physical devices.

Now to set the matter straight, the Lumia 810 is not heavy, but when compared to something lighter such as the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, it is heavier but still not bad.

First thing I compared were low light shot in my house and the 8X actually illuminated the shots much better than the 810. Even the quality and clarity, in my opinion, knocked the 810 out of the park. Below I’m placing side by side picture comparisons. And also know that the photo settings on both Windows Phones are identical for this comparison.

WP_20130108_005 (1)

Windows Phone 8X by HTC


Nokia Lumia 810

WP_20130108_009 (1)

Windows Phone 8X by HTC


Nokia Lumia 810


WP_20130108_012 (1)

Windows Phone 8X by HTC


Nokia Lumia 810


WP_20130108_010 (1)

Windows Phone 8X by HTC


Nokia Lumia 810


Here below will be shots of and with each of the Windows Phones:

Windows Phone 8X by HTC:

WP_20121230_011 WP_20121230_013 WP_20121229_039 WP_20121230_017 WP_20130106_019 WP_20130114_011 WP_20130114_010

Nokia Lumia 810:

WP_000288 WP_000290 WP_000292 WP_20130115_031 WP_000297 WP_000293WP_20130115_032 WP_20130118_001 WP_20130118_003 WP_20130118_004 WP_20121229_038 WP_20130101_015 WP_20130101_022 WP_20130102_005

I took a picture of my wife in our living room with one lamp on and believe it or not the 810 actually affected her vision for a split second due to the light sensor flash while the 8X took a MUCH BRIGHTER picture of the dark living room with no light sensor flash.


One thing I noticed is after using the Windows Phone 8X by HTC as my primary device and using the Lumia 810 before, the 810 feels more secure as in I don’t feel like I have to worry about breaking it or dropping it although in my opinion the 8X has a better grip.


The colors intensities are also off. I played with the themes between the two and when they were green, the 8X was actually green while the 810 was more like emerald. When they were both lime themed, the 8X was lime and the 810 was now,finally green and not emerald nor lime.


With that said, the screen of the 8X really drains the battery life. I’ve left it off the charger and on standby for hours and when I check it again the battery went down 30-60% while the battery in the 810 still remained with only about 10% less than before.


When going outside or just taking the 8X with me I felt that it really was delicate. To the point that I didn’t want to take it with me in my hand outside or lay it just anywhere. It is a beautiful device, but I never have I worried about those things with my old Lumia 900 or even this Lumia 810, plus they’re pretty beautiful as well.


My personal final verdict, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC is a well designed device (except for those almost sharp edges), but its battery drains, feels delicate and lacks an exclusive experience in comparison with Nokia.


If Nokia Lumia Windows Phones didn’t exist, then get an 8X, but since they do exist, #switchtoLumia.