Lumia 920 vs. Samsung GS3 baseball pitch!



HOWZAT! As us Brits would say in cricket. But this isn’t a game of cricket, with tea and scones with strawberry jam.

No, this is baseball, down and dirty.

Nokia have outright challenged the Samsung Galaxy S III with this pretty awesome video, whereby a Lumia 920 and an SGSIII are both subjected to a batting machine’s super-fast baseball hurtling at them at high speed. Right at their camera lenses! It’s not exactly scientific, but the baseball creams the Samsung (no real surprise there) and the screen is cracked into what reminded me of all those cracked iPhone screens we see everywhere. And it will probably come as no surprise to you that the Lumia 920 survives without a scratch.


The SGS3 gets smashed!
The SGS3 gets smashed!


I thought it was cool the way the guys had both phones in video mode, actually recording the baseballs being shot at them. The Samsung gets hit first and basically falls apart. The Nokia needs a few attempts and finally gets smacked and flies off the platform. But, of course, continues to record. Awesome!

Check out the video below: