Lumia Devices Make Up Bulk of US Windows Phones 920 Most Popular


Windows Phone Devices US

According to number from Ad-Duplex if someone is carrying a Windows Phone here in the states it’s most likely a Lumia device.  Nokia Lumia devices make up 54% of  all Windows Phones currently being used in the United States with 16% of all Windows Phone being the Lumia 920. While this is to be expected given the push that Nokia and Microsoft has done to push these devices it still a great sign.

If you look at the trends in other parts of the world Nokia’s dominance of Windows Phone gets even larger.

Windows Phone Devices UK

As you can see Lumia devices make up a whopping 76% in the UK!  While this is an amazing figure it is not as amazing as India.

Windows Phone Devices India

As you can see in India Nokia’s Lumia devices command 85% of all Windows Phone devices!  Also in India you can see all the lower end Windows Phone devices selling showing that Nokia is hitting all different price points with their range of Lumia devices.

All these number make me wonder if in the future people will refer to any Windows Phone as “Lumia” just as people now refer to any cellophane tape as “Scotch tape”.