Want to Own a Piece of Nokia History? N950 Prototype for Sale on Ebay


Want to get a really get Nokia collectors piece? Have an extra $500 some dollars laying around? Than you can get a Nokia N950 protoype 512MB RAM/64GB flash with the prototype label on the phone and everything. Check out the details below:

Item is used and has signs of wear and usability issues:

* Screen has some damage, previous owner was not patient enough, I think, he pressed/swipped on screen too hard. Photo includes example how it looks on white and black backgrounds. I was told this is fixable.

* There is only 512MB of RAM, this is half compared to non-prototype N950. Harmattan has support for this (creates 64MB zswap instead of usual), but device is not really usable without swapfile and the reason I want to get rid of it.

* SIM card door is missing.

Now the cool stuff:

* N9 sign.
* Rare colour ;]
* Has “PROTOTYPE” on it.
* 64GB of internal flash.
* Works perfectly, if you ignore lag because of extensive swapping. “Swapolube” type settings were not applied.

I like Freemantle and my N900 more, didn’t complete my migration to Harmattan.

Instead of falling and breaking or gathering dust somewhere, here it is.

Now blabla:

No warranty, device works for me, selling as is, no extras included. I’ll pack it as best as I can before shipping.

Want to bid on this device? You can do that right here.