AT&T selling the Lumia 920 for just $50


Well, $49.99 to be precise, but then you add the tax on and… you get my drift. It's a bit better than the original $99.99 price that has been stuck on the Lumia 920 since AT&T starting selling the new Nokia beauty.

This is all part of the Black Friday deals that Thanksgiving brings. It's not just about the turkey, it's about saving big on stuff you really need too, just as long as you can still make it to the shops after eating the equivalent of a week's food all in one day.


An amazing price for an amazing phone


This is an AT&T exclusive. Sure, the 920 is exclusive to AT&T, but I meant that the offer is only going to be available in actual AT&T stores, not those 'authorized dealers' called "Fone Express World" and "Mobile Happy Times" that have a bit of AT&T branding in the window. 

The offer is only available from the 23rd to 25th of November, and yes, of course you'll need a new 2-year contract. Whoever said that a year was enough with a new phone? OK, almost everyone, but not the networks it would seem! Imagine what kind of phones will be around in 18 months' time, and you'll still be stuck with the same battered old phone. Ho hum, I guess it's the way it goes these days. (That's why I always buy unlocked devices so the networks can remain in MY control, mwah ha ha ha ha!!) But if you're out of a contract and you're looking for one, this is a steal – a Nokia Lumia 920 for $50!

The Lumia 920's biggest enemy? Stock levels, so get out there and grab one before all your left with is some Pantech/Huawei monstrosity to take home!