HTC 8X (Windows Phone 8) AT&T variant available for pre-order at Best Buy


We are all waiting for the Windows Phone event Microsoft has scheduled on October 29 and I stumbled on a Windows Phone 8 ad on the front page of this week's Best Buy circular:

AT&T HTC 8X is available for preorder at your local Best Buy and, however there are limit quantities available for preorder.  It is priced at $99 with 2 year contract.  This puts the HTC 8X in the same price range as the Nokia Lumia 900 when it was first released.  HTC 8X will also be available on TMobile and Verizon.

I know many of us who are AT&T user are eagerly waiting for the Nokia Lumia 920Lumia 820 both with wireless charging capabilities, Samsung Ativ S, or even the Lumia 810 for US TMobile users.

Which variant of the Windows 8 Phone are you planning on getting?