Nokia has 59% of Windows Phone Sales


According to a recent report Nokia has grown to dominate worldwide Windows Phone sales with almost 60% of the market! Which sounds amazing however the Windows Phone market is still a small percentage of world wide phone sales.  Nokia will be ok if Windows Phone takes off as predicted by “experts” and become the number two smartphone OS behind Android.

Somehow stateside Nokia is still playing 2nd fiddle to HTC in Windows Phone sales. Why? Well it’s anyone’s guess but my guess would be specs. The US is a special market were screen size and specs matter more than anything. With HUGE carrier discounts almost any phone is well within reach. When a US buyer sees the Nokia Lumia 900 with 1.4 Ghz processor, 4.3 inch screen, and a 8mp camera sitting next to a HTC Titan II with a 1.5 Ghz processor, 4.7 inch screen, and a 16mp camera they will go with the faster, bigger phone with the monster camera.
I also think that HTC has more off a brand name recognition here in the states than Nokia. I often hear quotes like “I didn’t know Nokia still made phones” when I am using my Nokia. Yet everyone knows what HTC is about from their work with Android.
Now the question is how does Nokia fix this? What can they launch this fall to close that gap? First they will need ALL WP8 phones to be dual core. Next if they do not have PureView as their camera they need to at least be the 12mp shooter that was in the N8. They need to release at least one phone 4.5 inches plus, and they need to advertise the snot out the fact that they have the exclusive apps. The fact that you can play Draw Something and Words with Friends on only Nokia Windows Phones will draw US customers in.
Can Nokia pull it off? Only time will tell. Their back is up against the wall and they have no choice, so I wouldn’t count them out.