Nokia X2….Bulletproof?


According to a story picked up by Urbergizmo:

It seems that an owner of the Nokia X2 was filming the action that is happening between the rebels and military, where bombs and bullets were let off with wanton abandon.

This did not fail to deter the Nokia X2′s owner who moved closer to the action, and when he was still shooting a video halfway with the Nokia X2 remaining nearly in front of his mouth as his right hand held it, the incident happened. A bullet struck the Nokia X2, but remained stuck in the handset, meaning it stopped the bullet altogether, sacrificing its digital life for its human owner.

While the picture seems to make it look like the bullet entered from the front of the phone and exited from the back.  If you research a little you will find that sometimes the entry point of bullet is blown out in the back.  This would be especially true if the battery stopped the bullet.

Does this prove anything?  Not really..but it is still interesting never the less.