The must have theme(s) for your Symbian!


One of the great feature with Symbian smartphones are the ability to change the themes so that the entire look and feel of the phone will be changed. I was not so interested in themes due to various its drawbacks – low performance, the over usage of resources, not all installed application icons supported etc are important among them. But recently I found there are few nice themes available at Nokia Store which overcome these drawbacks! I would like to feature/share few of them here with you readers.

I would like to feature the below 3 themes here:

All these three had few common features:
  • All are paid, but what I felt, these all worth for the money!
  • These three themes supports plenty of icons (which includes system as well as third-party Apps)
  • Low battery consumption due to it’s high contrast or the usage of black
  • As much as customized the icons and various components in what so ever minor level
  • Periodic updates with new new icon additions
A picture is worth a thousand words, so below see the pictorial comparison of these themes. I leave it to you to decide which one is the best among these three, but I like all these three because each one has it’s own unique good things (there would be few drawbacks too)!
Elegance Evolve+ MeeGo

You may buy these themes from Nokia Store from your Symbian device. To get the complete effect of the theme it is recommended to restart the device, as in some part of the system will not update with the theme change until you restart your phone. Please let me know your comments.

Note: Please note that some of the components (widgets, fonts etc) would not be part of the theme or the phone software in this illustration!