Nokia 808 PureView Photo Samples


From the days of the then revolutionary Nokia N95 (or even the N93) right to today’s Carl Zeiss- powered Nokia 808 PureView, it’s been a given that the imaging-centric models from Nokia are worthwhile alternatives to your dedicated camera.  The notable twist with the 808 PureView is that it may not only replace your pocket digicam completely, but possibly also your micro four-thirds or dedicated DSLR in a pinch, powered by a quality 41 megapixel Carl Zeiss imager on-board.  I snapped a smattering of photos during my time with the 808 PureView to see how it fared, both indoors and outdoors to see for myself. All the photos in the accompanying gallery were taken with the Automatic setting enabled.  As a (*very*) amateur photographer, I was very pleased with the overall colors and sharpness of the resulting photos.  Take a look for yourself, and see if you agree.