Nokia Execs Putting There Money Where Their Mouth is Buying One Million Shares of Nokia


The old saying is if you are going to talk the talk you better walk the walk and that’s exactly what Nokia senior execs did last week.  It seems Stephen Elop and few other high ranking Nokia execs collectively bought ONE MILLION shares of Nokia stock last week.

Mr Elop himself bought 275,000 shares, (bringing his total to 425,000 shares) Risto Siilasmaa, (Nokia’s chairman) purchased 333,000 shares and five other bought up the rest of the shares.

According to Nokia spokeswoman Susan Sheehan:

“The purchases underscore the board and our leaders’ commitment to Nokia and confidence in our future”

This move while it doesn’t help the stock price itself it does outwardly show the everyone just how much faith and how committed the people at Nokia are to bringing it back to it’s former greatness.