AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 is now $49.99


With the New Pink addition color. The Nokia Lumia 900 is now $49.99 with AT&T.

Why the sudden price drop?

I asked this question on twitter and this is one of the random response I received from John Pope A social media strategist for Nokia.

So the response to me is nothing new.. But How come other Windows Phone Manufacturers are not lowering their prices? I mean we already knew this is going to happen when Windows Phone 8 was announced with WP7 devices incompatibility to upgrade to WP8. So I think this price drop was expected. Are other WP Manufacturers going to follow Nokia’s price drop soon?

Looking at this price above makes me feel sad.. To me it looks like a Desperation move for Nokia. Lumia 900 in my opinion is far better, has more offering in terms of free quality apps and can scale up the the HTC Titan 2 and Samsung Focus S in terms of performance and quality.

There are so many question relating to this Lumia 900 Price Drop.

Just couple of days ago.. Nielsen a Market research company reports only 330,000 Lumia 900 have been sold since the launch.

Could this be related to the Price Drop? Maybe I’m in denial, I still think this is not true and its just a rumor.

But in Reality.. I am no rocket scientist, but when I post something on eBay and its not selling I lower the price.

Also could this be related to the Lumia 900 sale competition? Amazon and Costco are simply giving away this device for free w/ accessories if you get the phone from them signing a new  2 yrs contract or upgrading.

In my opinion its not looking good right now for Nokia.. I guess we will have to wait and find out again when their Windows Phone 8 comes out.


via Nokia Conversation