Nokia Innovation Exclusive: Return Rate of Nokia Lumia only 2% in “Amazing Money Back Challenge”


My source in India Nitish Kumar found out some very interesting news about how Nokia’s “Amazing Money Back Challenge” in India is going. He talked to  Vipul Malhotra, Director, Smart Devices Nokia  India and found out that return rate on the challenge is only two percent!

For those of you not familiar with the challenge here is the jist of it. If you buy a Nokia Lumia 800 or 710 in India you have a 7 days to return it, no questions asked for a full refund if you don’t like it.  (For more info click here).

Being that people are in general resistant to change of any sort the low two percent return rate is even more amazing.  Even though it seems Nokia has a hard time convincing people to buy Lumia’s in India once they have one in their hands they will not let them go.

Special thanks to Nitish Kumar for this exclusive