Nokia brings Kaliki app to Windows Phone


Have you ever felt bored and want to hear about the news but don’t feel like reading?

Nokia has some remedies for you and brings the Kaliki app to Windows Phone OS. Kaliki app is a news reader app that takes the top story, highlighted news and reads em for you.

How is that for a free app from Nokia?

I’ve been testing this app for couple of days now and I really find it pretty cool. Here are my PROS and CONS


  • Voice comes from a Professional Voice Narrator and not some Android/Siri Robotic Voice.
  • Decent User Interface/ Easy to use – You click and listen.


  • Can’t add Websites
  • Does not work in Offline Mode. It needs data connection

Disclaimer: This app is only available in certain markets for now.


via: WMPoweruser and WPCentral