Surprise Nokia has a Windows Phone Contingency Plan But it’s not Symbian


According to Nokia’s new chairman Risto Siilasmaa Nokia does have contingency plan if Windows Phone were to fail. Though he full expects Windows Phone to succeed.

This is the first time since the MicroNokia partnership that we have heard that there is even a back up plan. Will it be Symbian? Not likely according to Mr. Sillasmaa he completely agrees with the Windows Phone move stating:

“Symbian’s market share has come down close to zero,”

So it seems unlikely that that Nokia would go back to it and it with all the cuts to R&D rumor has Meltemi all but dead, so it’s unclear where Nokia would even go if Windows Phone doesn’t make it. (Perhaps back to MeeGo?)

All the experts have Windows Phone being a huge success by 2016 so that’s not really the issue. The real issue is did Nokia trim enough expenses to survive until it does?