Funny (Video) Hitler Feels Betrayed by WP7.8


As I was making my rounds I found this post up on Daily Mobile Message Boards with a video attached about Hitler ranting that his Nokia Lumia 900 is not getting the WP8 update only the WP7.8 Update.

The Maker is Nokia/Windows Phone  fan and he makes it clear ahead of time that he was just having fun with it as he posted this below the video.

First things first, i love windows phone and think Windows Phone 7.8 is a great compromise and will be looking forward to Windows Phone 8. This video is made for comedic purposes, its not a rant and certainly and exaggeration and parody of reactions

It’s funny stuff as these always are but I have to warn you now it’s PG 13 rated and some not so nice words will be printed on the screen. (As you can tell by what You Tube decided to pause on for the screenshot.) So take the little ones that can read away from the monitor. Other than that ENJOY!