Updated!! Windows Phone #Fail: WP8 apps WILL NOT Work on Current Devices


Let me start of by stating that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new features of Windows Phone 8 and I get that these features need more power to run them however….

Come on Microsoft! You have a new wave of Windows Phone user that are telling their friends about how great Windows Phone is and now you tell them that their brand new smart is “legacy” is already outdated?!?!

If there are certain features that my 2nd Generation Windows Phone can’t have because it doesn’t have NFC, or enough RAM, etc… I get it. However most 2nd Gen Windows Phones have at least 1.4GB processor with 512MB of RAM. But none of this matter because you shifted to a C/C++, based system which leaves my new phone in the dark.

I get integration and now that all Microsoft products will run on a kernel shared with Windows 8 and Windows RT. However you need to throw your loyal users a bone here we paid good money for a our phones and deserve and upgrade incentive in the fall.

If you want to make the OS better I get it but lets reward the early adapters not punish them.

Update I found this quote today that should clear some confusion
According to a Microsoft Spokesperson:

“We are designing Windows Phone 8 with the goal of allowing all existing applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace to work on Windows Phone 8 devices. We will also be working closely with key developer partners to create versions of applications that take advantage of some of the new features available in Windows Phone 8.
“New applications compiled specifically for Windows Phone 8 will not be made available for Windows Phone 7.x devices.”

So the answer is maybe. If developers want them to. Since all WP8 devices will run WP7 apps there is no reason for developers not make WP7 apps.  Unless of course it uses NFC, or needs dual core etc…. Perhaps all is not lost.