Android Apps Finally Coming to the N9?


Remember a little while back there was supposed to be an app called Alien Dalvik that was going to let you run Android Apps on your Nokia N9? Well it never came which left N9 owners stark raving mad knowing that there was 400K+ apps out there than could run on the N9 but they didn’t have the tools to access them.

Now it seems the wait is over….

OpenMobile posted this statement on their website renewing hope:

ACL for MeeGo fans,
We haven’t forgotten about you, please be kind as our engineering team is working diligently on ACL for multiple platforms, including MeeGo. We understand how difficult the App Gap is to bear and we are working to get ACL for MeeGo to you shortly. While you wait, take a peek at out video demo of ACL for MeeGo… It is sure to impress! Please check back soon… We will post updates here as we are able to release them!

They also released that following video running on a tablet which dashed hopes again but than they released this statement:

…Our engineering team at OpenMobile is diligently working on multiple platforms, including ACL for the Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone.

Here is the video of Android running on the MeeGo tablet.

Is anyone else excited?