What’s Nokia Doing on Monday?


Nokia US just posted on their Facebook page the above picture. Clearly it’s a map of Hawaii with two points “pinned” Oddly Microsoft also has an announcement of it’s own brewing slated for the exact same day at 3:30 Pacific Time.

Rumor has the Microsoft announcement at a yet to be a disclosed location in in Los Angeles. All indications point to a Microsoft-manufactured tablet at the event. However one can not discount both events happening the same day.

Nokia has been rumored to be working on a tablet for quite some time now and with it’s partnership with Microsoft being closer than ever it wouldn’t be stretch to have Nokia produce these new devices. The persistent rumor a of a Microsoft buy out of Nokia combined with everyone’s instance that it will be a Microsoft-manufactured tablet make me wonder but not that much.

Of course this all could just be a big fat coincidence and it’s just a Nokia Mappping event but I doubt it. Guesses anyone?