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Nokia Maps Updated To Version 2.0

Nokia Maps has been updated to version 2.0 For Lumia series, some of the new features now are places, photos & favorites synchronization. If you were a Symbian user & user of Nokia Maps, you can now sign into your Nokia account & synchronize all your favorites cross platform, N9, Nokia Belle & now Nokia Lumia devices.

You can download the updated version in the marketplace on your device under the Nokia Collection.

This is an awesome feature, but i personally want to be able to open Nokia Maps, hit my favorites & have it completely integrated with Nokia Drive, or at least have my favorites synchronize with Nokia drive also. I really want full integration between the 2 applications as well as bing maps, This would make the navigation experience top notch in my opinion.

Its great to see Nokia constantly updating these features, so go & get your updated version of Nokia Maps today.

Source: Nokia Conversations