Nokia Windows Phones Selling Well in Finland Marketshare Up to 41%


It seems that Finns are starting to look past the shock of the Windows Phone switch and are now starting to embrace it. According to an IDC report Nokia has managed to bounce back from a low of 31% market share in the Third Qtr of 2011 a full 10% to come in at 41% in the first Qtr of 2012.

I am unsure if this is shocking or not.  You have to figure if anyone would support and buy Nokia products it would their home country of Finland.  But on the other hand you also have to figure that if anyone would feel betrayed about the switch from Symbian to Windows Phone it would again be their home country of Finland.

Either way this is some much needed good news for Nokia and between this and the number the the Lumia phones are showing here in the states perhaps Nokia is starting to truly turn the corner.