Symbian Carla/Donna Canceled?


It seems perhaps that Symbian is truly at the end of the line…According to this quote from Mattia Fiorin, Product Marketing Manager at Nokia:

One can say that Symbian FP1 and Symbian Carla or this latest update will be released in the coming months?

Carla is no longer a name we use. FP1 is pretty much that was once called Carla.

This means that Carla has been released already as FP1 and if Symbian Donna comes it will not be a major release like Belle was it will just be a Symbian Belle with FP2 dumped on top if it.

One could also conclude from this announcement that the  Nokia 808 Pure View will be Symbian’s last gasp, if you want a Symbian phone my advice buy an 808 and BABY IT.

What a sad and bittersweet day to see Symbian truly being sent out pasture.