Windows Phone Already Over Taking iOS in China


It seems that Windows Phone has already over taken iOS (aka the iPhone) in China. According to the latest reports Windows Phone holds a 7  percent market share while iOS holds a 6 percent market share. While this figure is hardly impressive it is good enough for Windows Phone to claim second place in one of the world’s largest markets. (Android holds a commanding lead at a whopping 69 percent!)

All of this during the only a two month period of time! Microsoft has invested heavily in the Chinese market with around 2,500 people in its R&D department alone. According to Michel van der Bel, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer for the Greater China Region there is more investment coming.

“…the company needs to and will invest more heavily in the country.”

While China is only one market, it a huge and important one. I am just guessing that Microsoft would be very happy to have 7% of the US Market at this point.