Windows Phones Marketplace rises. Nokia Falls!




The Windows Phone Marketplace now registers 90,000+ apps, so in little over a year we have seen the windows phone apps from from a mere 7,000 to 90,000 apps.

This number doesn’t mean there are 90,000 quality apps in the marketplace, but rather it means that whatever Microsoft/Nokia are doing, it’s drawing the attention of developers to the platform, kudos to them.

I browse through the marketplace everyday and I am pleased with the quality of apps I see there, apart from the quality 3D, role-playing, gravity defying, speed breaking games in the marketplace, there are also very useful apps too, for instance, I came across FastMall, an app that lets you download the map of any mall near you for easy navigation, pretty sweet, I have always wanted one of those and it’s available now in the marketplace.

Though some essential apps/games are still missing, I feel it’s only a matter of time before the marketplace comes to par with its Android and iPhone rivals and those stubborn developers realize they cannot afford to exclude the windows phone platform from their offerings.

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In somewhat bad news however, Nokia’s share value has reached an all time low, in fact this is the lowest its has gotten to in the last year. I say “somewhat bad news” because depending on how you look at it, it could be good news, see I am one of those waiting for it to drop a little further before I buy, I’m no stock broker/adviser but I will say if you ever wanted to be part of Nokia, now’s a pretty good time to buy 🙂 with shares at as little as $3.02.

Of course this is all due to the transition to windows phone and the doubt from some investors that Nokia might not be able to pull it off.

But with over 12 million Windows Phone in use around the world, 90,000+ and counting apps in the marketplace, windows phone expansion to more countries, introduction of the low budget Lumia 610 (with NFC), and the later introduction of windows phone 8 Apollo and its upcoming devices, things can only get better, I mean they are gloomy right now but I’ll place my bets on Nokia to bounce from this.

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