Pro Clip Car Solution Now Available For Lumia 900



The ProClip car solution is now available for the Nokia Lumia 900, those of you not familiar with ProClip it is a car solution made specifically for your car and device, installation is quick & easy. I have used ProClip for at least 4 yrs now and its extremely durable as well as reliable, I would Highly recommend it to anyone Looking for a Carholder or Vehicle Mount.

I have written 2 reviews on it 1 for my Nokia N85 & 1 for my Nokia N8 click the links to see them.

You can order the ProClip for your Lumia 900 here, it is also available for your Lumia 710 here as well as the Lumia 800 here.

Check out the demo Video below, and get your self a ProClip.