Nokia Lumia 900 Runs on the Fastest 4G Network


According to a study done by PCWorld if you want the fastest network you want to be with AT&T.   They did a real world study in tests in 13 cities and found that :

AT&T’s new LTE network turned in the fastest download speeds of any 4G service. Its 3G service was very competitive, too–and those two results help make a strong case for AT&T dual-mode 3G/4G phones.

This is great news for Nokia and Lumia users in general who will be able to surf the web faster than their Non-Lumia using brethren.

For those of you who like to get your information in graph form here is the same information in picture form.

So there you have it Lumia users now you can go brag to your friends not only that your phone is the best on the market but also it is on the best network on the market.