Smoked by Lumia Than Scolded By Your Girlfriend..Yikes!



So what’s worse than having your phone smoked by a Windows Phone than having it posted on the internet for all to see?  Having your phone smoked by Windows Phones than having your girlfriend tell you  “I told you your phone was a worthless piece of sh*t”  Than having it posted on the internet for all to see.

Yupers that is exactly what happened to one poor guy in India.  Nokia is doing their own little version of Smoked by Windows Phone in India called “Smoked by Lumia”

It works like this in case you aren’t up to speed on these challenges:

The challenges, they are all like #smokedbywindowsphone,  Like taking a photo, tagging yourself and uploading a photo, simultaneously updating status on all social networks, posting to a friend’s wall, uploading to twitter, sending a group message, from pocket to picture etc etc.

The challenge was – 1000 bucks on the spot if you win the speed test, else you had to accept in front of the camera and the crowd that your phone was blown away by a Lumia.

Got it? Here is the the video, it is priceless and I think it’s my favorite “Smoked By” video of all time.

This was great work done by @bharadc23 in running the challenges and you can check out his experience doing it at his site Nokia Buff.

Via: My Nokia Blog