Shh..Don’t Tell Anyone I Am Using a First Gen. Samsung Windows Phone..Here’s Why


This confession may shock more than a few of you but my daily driver in for Windows Phone is a first generation Samsung Focus I917.  I know, I know, why not a Lumia 800 or even a 900?

There are two things that this phone does that no current Nokia Windows Phone can do.

First  it takes up to a 32Gb micro sd card this means that my 8gb Windows Phone is current a 40Gb Windows Phone!  This means that my “old” 1st Gen Windows Phone has more memory on board than any other Windows Phone on the market!

Second being that battery is removable is it can be replaced (rather cheaply I may add, 18 bucks) with an extended battery.  I currently have a 3500 mah battery in my Focus and I am avg. 42 to 48 hours of constant use between charges out of it!

So now right now I have a Mango Windows Phone that has 40Gb of memory with a battery that lasts for almost two days that I have paid a total of $190 for. Don’t get me wrong once Nokia Windows Phone starts to accept Sd Cards (coming with Windows Phone 8?) and the non removable battery craze is over I will go back to a Nokia Windows Phone but for right now I will be behind a generation in phones and be happy.