“AT&T Mobile Review Event” – New York City!


I had the pleasure of joining my fellow Nokia Innovation team members (and social media experts and bloggers from far and wide) at the AT&T Mobile Review New York, or in Twitter parlance, #ATTMobileReviewNY   It featured the long anticipated debut of the flagship Windows Phone 7 device – the Nokia Lumia 900, running at true 4G LTE speeds on AT&T’s network.   The zippy mobile network and the Windows-powered Nokia Lumia 900 proved their mettle in playing a central role in creating positive buzz all around the crowd in attendance (plus, a couple glasses of wine and beer generated a buzz in their own right as well!)  Take a closer look for yourself, and take in some lush screenshots of Windows Phone running on the brand new Nokia Lumia 900!

Special Thanks to @CSWmer for letting this all happen.