Smoked By Windows Phone Challenge Samsung Focus Vs Nokia N9


During the few months I have been watching the “Smoked by Windows Phone Challenges” I have never seen a Windows Phone go head to head with a Nokia N9.   So I got a Samsung Focus and used for a little and to get use to Windows Phone and decided to do my own challenge since I was not going to make it to a Microsoft Store anytime soon.

I have broken down the challenges into several videos. I did the challenge one phone at a time (since I can’t run both phones at once) and than put the time it each phone to complete the challenge below the video.  Fair Enough? Lets Start:

Take Picture and Upload From Lock Screen Challenge:

Windows Phone Time: 20.5 seconds
Nokia N9 Time:               24.7 seconds
Winner is                           Windows Phone

The Post to Twitter Challenge:
(While this is not post to Twitter and Facebook just to Twitter it’s ok because really how often do you post the same-thing to both…Never that’s how often.)

Windows Phone Time: 7.2 seconds
Nokia N9 Time:               7.2 seconds

Winner is                           Tie! No really it’s a tie..but I will give to Windows Phone on this one because it can post to two or three sites at once.

Texting someone Challenge:

Windows Phone Time:  8.3 Seconds for Voice/ 5.7 Seconds for text
Nokia N9 Time:                  4.6 Seconds
Winner is                             Nokia N9

Find a local Restaurant and get directions to it Challenge:
(I didn’t even time how long this one would take on the N9 I will just concede this one to Windows Phone)

Windows Phone Time: 35.2
Nokia N9 Time: ?? didn’t do it would have taken to long
The Winner is: The Windows Phone

Here is just a bonus Video to show you Multitasking on both phones. The Windows Phone does not have “real Multitasking it pauses apps in the back ground for later use. So I wanted to show you it. While it is slower than the N9’s real Multitasking it is not a real noticeable difference.

Windows Phone:  26.7 Seconds

Nokia N9:                11.2 Seconds

Winner here is:      Nokia N9

Real Multitasking will always be quicker than “tomb-stoning” Multitasking just by default. Mind you I timed it from when everything was open on the N9 becuase on a normal basis N9 users tend to leave open a twitter, Facebook, email, and a game or two. Real life situations we are testing here.

Bottom Line Winner:  The Windows Phone   If I was at the store standing in front of Ben I’d would not be holding 100 bucks right now…I’d be holding the “My phone was smoked by Windows Phone” sign. I am wondering if Microsoft/Windows Phones will give me a Windows Phone now just like they would during a real challenge.