Nokia/Symbian Still HUGE in India!


While Nokia has lost some of it’s shine in western countries the past decade it seems there are still corners of the world that love Nokia as much as I do!

Luckily for Nokia one of those places is India, a fairly large country with large population to boot. As you can see from the chart below Nokia has the three of the top five selling handsets in India right now. Plus they have eleven of the top twenty-five!

To be noted here that most of these Nokia phones that are bought in India are still running Symbian.  Between Nokia’s phones legendary toughness and the huge installed Symbian user base I don’t think Symbian is going away anytime soon as reported by the media.

While Nokia is not selling their top end smartphones in India…I believe that with more and more people become middle class in India everyday that these current “dumbphone” sales will turn into smartphone sales as their users get more affluent.


Via: The Mobile Indian