My Thoughts on Nokia & WP 1yr after announcement From a Symbian diehard.


I was a major skeptic when the announcement was made that Feb day, I couldn’t imagine them abandoning Symbian the OS I have used for yrs. The OS that in my opinion was most Flexible had the most features. The OS that was still the world leader although declining.

Now fast forward 1 year later and I am using a Cyan Lumia 800 U.S.version, I am no longer a skeptic but a believer. I cannot judge WP yet in full until Apollo is out to see what real changes Nokia can add without the restrictions of the current WP.

I have learned to live with the true lack of multitasking, and certain other features Symbian offered me through the years. I can live without these features because the speed and U.S. centric apps WP offers makes up for it, the keyboard, browser, integration, apps, screen resolution & voice control all rival that of Symbian, I am now waiting for the Video and Camera to match which would just make my choice that much Better.

Nokia had to do something, America’s influence is that powerful (IPhone) and although I hate to admit it, it was the game changer. The average consumer doesn’t care about the amount of features but the ease of use of the product, that’s where WP comes in, much more user friendly and enjoyable to use than Symbian & even IOS to me.
I think the move was overall good for Nokia, I just want all my Symbian features on my windows phone now.

Let Me Know what your thoughts are, and if you had time with WP coming from Symbian.