The Nokia Lumia 610 Goes Symbian Old School (Kind of)

So does everyone remember/know that when your Symbian device is being loud and annoying when you don’t want it to be you could simply flip it on it’s face and it will hush?  Yeah it’s pretty cool especially if you use your phone as an alarm clock like me!

Well the Nokia Lumia 610 has this feature! It was discovered during a look at the users guide from the FCC.  While everyone is wondering why I am so dang worked up over such a simple thing it is because I think this is the first of many step of Nokia “Nokiafying” Windows Phone.

Perhaps, the Lumia 610 is a starting point of Nokia Windows Phone having features that we know, love and expect to be in Nokia phones, being in Nokia Windows Phones!  This makes me want to get my hands on a 610 even more!

Via: Windows Phone Daily

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