Nokia Lumia 900: Australia, Canada Pre-Order Coming United States Delays?

According to a report by Pocket Now the Nokia Lumia 900 is available or will be available for pre-order very shortly in both Australia and Canada.  While no word has been given on what the Lumia 900 will cost on Rogers the cost and choices are clear in Australia.

The 900 will available in white, black and cyan it’s listed for AU$799.00 (USD $845).  It can be pre-ordered here from mobicity and they have an option for international delivery.  (Not sayin just Sayin)

The Rogers pre-order will start very soon according to this tweet from them.

Meanwhile here in the states BGR has a source that states the Lumia 900 will be delayed till April 22nd. The rumored $99 price point still claims to be true. So if you can wait for it and you don’t mind the AT&T gunk on your 900 it’s best to wait a little.

So there you have it…bottom line the Lumia 900 can be pre-ordered  here from mobicity for a hefty fee or you can wait and wait and wait on AT&T and get it for a mere 99 bucks. Your call just keeping you in the loop.

Via: Pocket Now


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