Nokia Lumia 710 Review…Video Style


Well my time with Lumia 710 is almost up and it’s been a wild ride.  From wanting to throw it out the window, to ranting about it, to accepting that Windows Phones is no Symbian/MeeGo. To actually starting to enjoy the phone.  It’s been a wild two weeks.

My video review is more about the OS and less about the phone.  I felt that the OS is what most Nokia users are currently interested in anyway. So I reviewed the OS since that’s what I feel most readers would want.

The phone itself is fine, 1.4Ghz processor, 512MB of ram, 3.7″ screen it’s a good phone. It is solid like a Nokia, gets signal like a Nokia, the design is uninspired but that would not slow me down from buying it at all. It’s a great little phone and for the asking price on T-Mobile I would recommend it.

Want more information on this phone? Did I miss something you wanted to know? Leave a question in the comments or shoot me a tweet.   I will get back to you.