MeeGo Vs. Windows Phone Hands On Video Style


I get a lot of question from people asking me if they should sink their money into an N9 or Lumia.  I personally prefer the N9 but I know I lot Nokia tech writers that swear that Windows Phone has it all over MeeGo.

So I decided to do a hands on side by side video of the two highlighting the differences, the strong points, the weak point etc… of each OS.  After completing said video I looked down and saw it was almost 40 minutes long and no one would watch a 40 minute video.

The video below was my second take at it….it’s around 11 minutes. (Better right?)  Also at the end I stated that I will post the 40 minute video but that’s not going to happen. I think instead I will do hands on one each OS, you can watch them both and decide for yourself.

Mind you this 2nd video that I posted was done in rush and I did not show you the deep integration on the Windows Phone and at the end I called MeeGo Windows Phones (bad, bad, naughty blogger, bad.) but I am not redoing an reuploading the video you get the point of both OS’s and there will be more detailed videos of each OS coming very soon anyway.


If you want me to go deeper into something in either OS let me know in the comments or send me at tweet and I will do my best to get your question in the next video.